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Fruit Cocktail Purees: Healthy And Delicious For Dysphagia Patients

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Fortunately, for the majority of us swallowing food and water is as simple as ABC, but unfortunately for some swallowing is no less than a scary movie. The difficulty in swallowing is called Dysphagia. Dysphagia typically develops fear of eating and as a result they tend to face unwanted weight loss. Nevertheless, to tackle this problem many food companies are now offering fruit cocktail purees which are easy to swallow and provide good nutrition.


The condition called dysphagia could bring about other medical problems or related disorders. For example, patients who suffer from serious dysphagia are likely to catching an infection of the lungs known as aspiration pneumonia, which takes place when the patient gets a piece of food choked in their lungs.


This is caused owing to the opening of the inlet to the lungs whilst swallowing because of injured muscles which are not able to close the larynx. Another problem is that of the damaged oesophageal wall, which could precede another problem by making a pocket to build outside the oesophagus, which could grab bolus that may return to the throat while the person is in the flat position.

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